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In the Notorious BIG song going back to Cali he raps “If I want to squirt her take her to fat burger.” Ever since then, I always wondered about fat burger. I finally had my chance to try the original California hamburger stand, and I was amazed at the size of the burgers; small 2.5oz 400-600 calories, med 5oz 590-790 calories, large 8oz 850-1050 calories, and it keeps going on and on up to a 2050 calorie burger (I call this near death). They also carry shakes, salads, big steak fries or skinny fries, and other sandwiches. The burger was good and messy. You can have them grill it or cook it on the flat top. It is funny a few FatBurger patrons said they love it more than In -N- Out Burger. Just like the burgers at FatBurger, they were a greasy mess as well.IMG_00000377 IMG_20130410_162830
In -N- Out burger is 100% fresh meat, and fresh cut fries. Nice clean building as well as food. You can get a single, double, triple 3×3, or even a 4×4 if requested. They also have a spread similar to 1000 island. Their milkshakes are good and thick. Don’t forget to ask for animal style on burgers and fries. I don’t work there, but they are the highest paid fast food chain starting at $10.50. In -N- Out, that’s what a hamburger is all about.IMG_20130410_163753

After eating at both , I knew which one I liked better. I felt a grease ball after eating at Fat Burger (all that grease). The simple clean freshness of In-N- Out Burger won me over. The staff has always been a delight at In-N- Out, but that FatBurger staff was RATCHET. However, I advise everyone to try both.





FATBURGER Overall rating: 7.9 Fatburger on Urbanspoon

IN-N-OUT      Overall rating: 9.2 out of 10 In-N-Out Burger on Urbanspoon

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