Rock Sugar Pan Asian Kitchen


If you are ready for an all around good restaurant, Rock Sugar is the place. Rock sugar is the sister restaurant to Cheesecake factory and Grand Luxe Cafe. A walk way with tables on each side decorated with candles.  When I walked into the actual restaurant I thought I was Jack Burton (Big trouble in little China). High ceilings with lamps, Chinese warrior statues, beautiful drapes around the booths, fantastic color scheme that flows with the restaurant, and gorgeous lighting . The decor and atmosphere are everything. I could just sit there with a glass of water listening to music and be satisfied.rs2 IMG_00000075 IMG_00000069 IMG_00000070 IMG_00000065

The food has tons of flavor that will shock your taste buds. We ordered several dishes starting with coconut soup with mushrooms, and galangal (Siamese ginger) very tasty. We had a nice mixed green salad, buttered chicken (Marsala curry and cream with rice), and lemon grass roasted chicken (garlic-soy, palm sugar, and kumquat chutney). All were terrific and met our expectations. The portion size is nothing like The Cheesecake Factory, but again the food has character.

Lemon grass roasted chicken

Lemon grass roasted chicken

Coconut Soup

Buttered Chicken

The food was awesome, and the service was cool. Between Cheesecake Factory , Grand Luxe, and Rock Sugar,  Grand Luxe is my favorite ;however, Rock Sugar is damn close. The only location for this great restaurant is in the Century City mall facing Santa Monica Blvd.

Overall rating: 9.2 out of 10

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