Norms opened in 1949, and it is the California version of Waffle House, but with a larger menu. This 24 hour diner exudes filth, finger prints on silverware, a cloudy dessert window, and carpet that smelled of mildew. A family friend recommended this place for a late night bite (I should have known because he is cheaper than free samples at Costco).IMG_00000131IMG_00000127  IMG_00000134

I was starving until we walked in. We had a seat and ordered. We ordered a waffle, turkey sausage, and a lumberjack breakfast (hash browns, hot cakes, bacon, and sausage). The food was cheap and tasted below average. The server was attentive, but his hands looked like he had been digging in the dirt.IMG_00000140 IMG_00000141 IMG_00000142 IMG_00000143

Just like the waffle house, you need to be intoxicated to enjoy the experience. People have been getting drunk since the beginning of time and Norms is a good reason not to stop drinking. Check out this video link, because they are selling dreams. (

Overall rating: 2.4 out of 10

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