Mel’s Drive-In (Mel’s Diner)


Mel’s Drive-In is a classic diner well known for its food, throw back atmosphere, and the Hollywood Museum (Highland Avenue). Walking in it reminded me of the 2009 movie Legion (dusty looking). I heard about Mel’s from friends, and by watching food shows on TV.   They have a lot on their menu, check it out at

I’ve heard plenty of good things about the burgers at Mel’s so we started off with the all grass  fed delivered fresh daily ground chuck sliders with fries. Those things were delicious; they had grilled onions and that sweet brioche bread. Next, I had the meatloaf sandwich on sourdough and more delicious fries. I was most definitely stuffed, but I really wanted a dessert.  I could not decide, the milkshake or the double cream cheesecake…..I passed. They also have various homemade pies that I observed being served at other tables.IMG_00000030

Typical diner style booths, but most of them have a .25 cent mini jukebox that plays rock, disco, and soul music. Service was cool, and the food was great for a diner. Thankfully, they are open 24/7, and you can order breakfast all day long. Although there are many great things to love about this place, there are a couple of negative things too; the expensive ass parking (after the first hour prices go up every 15 minutes) and the sliders are damn good, but they are $3 per slider.  Over all it was a great experience. IMG_00000024

Overall rating: 7 out of 10

Mel's Drive-in on Urbanspoon

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