Loco Donut vs. Doughworks


Donuts, donuts, donuts, Nashville has two popular donut trucks that people love. I have tried both Loco Donut and Doughworks. Hopefully, Krispy Kreme will get a truck soon, but I seriously doubt it.

Both were at Friedman’s Army Navy store off of 21st avenue (not at the same time). First was doughworks, I saw their deliciously  decorated truck, and ran towards it. Looked over the menu and everything seemed like a winner, and the aroma was very pleasing. Forgive me, I don’t remember the name, but it looked good but it did not taste good.For the price of that one donut, I could have demolished 3 or 4 krispy kreme donuts (that hot light on glaze).???2013-02-16_08-30-02_948

Next was Loco donuts. The black and neon green truck was not appealing; however, thank goodness I caught them just before closing. The mini donuts did the job. I loved the menu variety and the lady gave me a breakdown of the snickers with home-made nugget (diabetic shock). I ate every damn one, and wanted more.2013-03-30_15-34-17_152

So Loco Donuts handed Doughworks a Floyd Mayweather ass whooping when it all comes down. The service from doughworks was friendly, but slower. We follow them both on twitter, and hopefully we will be able to try both again. If I were to pass them both, I would run straight to Loco Donuts.

Doughworks Overall rating: 5 out of 10    Doughworks Food Truck on Urbanspoon

Locco Donuts  Overall rating: 9 out of 10 Loco Donuts (food truck) on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Loco Donut vs. Doughworks

  1. Come Get Some Smokin Thighs because I would love to “Floyd Mayweather” every chicken joint in town with the Deliciously Smoked & Grilled (never fried) Wings and hot looking truck! Bacon Mac & Cheese is a must have side!

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