Baja Burrito


Baja Burrito just may serve the best burritos in Nashville. This fresh food mecca is in the Berry Hill area of town. The first time I visited this place was in 2002, and the food has always been consistent. When you walk in, you will see the colorful menu board, smiling helpful staff, and festive decorations. A big plus is walking thru the cafeteria style line where you can see your food being prepared.2013-03-29_14-51-51_539

They offer small and regular size burritos which are big as a new born baby’s leg . They also have an option of tortillas flour, wheat, or chipotle. You also can add just about any and everything to your meal. I always go for a grilled chicken burrito with pinto beans, black beans, cheese, lettuce, Pico de Gallo, sour cream, rice, and salsa. (Absofuckinlutly good). Baja Burrito makes their own dressings for the taco salads, and they even have delicious tacos. The food here is extremely cheap for the portion size.2013-03-29_15-09-24_153

Baja Burrito is a locally owned independent shop with really fresh ingredients. If you love burritos, taco salads, or just tacos, I advise you to go and try it out, but good luck finding a parking spot.2013-03-29_14-49-12_409

Overall rating: 7.8 out of 10
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