Martin’s BBQ

This might be the shortest review we will do about a restaurant….thanks to Martin’s BBQ.


Whoever said this place had some of the best BBQ in Nashville needs to seriously reevaluate their life on many different levels. This establishment is located in Nolensville. But let me just cut past the hype. I made a  Pros and Cons list. You decide for yourself if you wanna eat here.

martins bbq

PROS:                                              CONS: ( in bold )

  • The hot sauce
  • The aroma of BBQ
  • The baked beans
  • The free mini moon pies
  • My smoked chicken was uncooked. ( Resembled to deep sea fishing bait )                 
  • Paying 13 bucks for uncooked smoked chicken.
  • Hearing Gucci Mane blasting from the kitchen.
  • The bread on the fried catfish sandwich could be used to build a bomb shelter.
  • The salt monster works in the kitchen. (High blood pressure)

People talk about this place like it is the best thing smoking, but it is not. I have had better BBQ from Dale Nelson in Pulaski TN, and other places. I will give them props on all the awards they have achieved, but next time we may have to try the pork.

Overall Rating 4.9 out 10
Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint on Urbanspoon

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