A Nashville icon and a family business, Rotier’s opened in 1945. Nashvillians love this place, but is it actually good or is Nashville just being Nashville? Rotier’s is around the corner from Vanderbilt University and various hospitals,which makes this place a hotspot during lunch time. When walking into this diner you get the full effect of the atmosphere. You can tell they don’t spend money on the décor, giving it character or maybe their mocking  just a low budget Cheers atmosphere. Just like many other places in Nashville the service is mediocre at best. 2013-03-26_14-18-07_905

They are mostly known for their burgers on french bread, but people say everything is good. Of course, we ordered the burger on french bread with onion rings. We also ordered a meat and three special; pot roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, and more mashed potatoes. The reason for two orders of mashed potatoes was because they were out of mac and cheese (so disappointing). Let me start with the onions rings, they were not homemade, fresh out of the bag. The burger was good, juicy and fulfilling (not the best burger in Nashville). The mashed potatoes could have been better, I mean buttered. No wait, just better. The roast beef was exceptional, however the carrots tasted like they were made at the Macy’s perfume counter.2013-03-26_14-20-28_641 2013-03-26_14-20-22_341

Rotier’s has below average food that is reasonably priced. You can still go there to grab a cold beer, suck down a milkshake, or grab a piece of Nashville history. When you look around the front dining room you will see articles and newspaper clippings of past accolades. Hopefully they can get back on top, because this isn’t the 50s anymore.

Overall Rating: 5.1 out of 10
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