Cork & Cow

corkandcowChef Jason McConnell is great at what he does. He owns and operates some very good restaurants. We made our way to his latest operation, Cork & Cow. I loved the look of the emerald green banquette with mirrors placed above them. Cork & Cow also has a plethora of butcher knives placed on the wall with cut pieces of wood. Kudos goes out to them for the clean sophisticated look that is not too bougie (very comfortable).cc2

Of course, when we looked at the menu we had high expectations for the food. The wine list was very impressive. One associate ordered a glass of Leese Fitch Cabernet, and the other ordered local brew, Yazoo Gerst Ale. We started off with the Wagyu Meatball Crostini which had four or five meatballs in a delicious sauce with a “kick”, all on top of a toasted garlic bread crostini. The three entrees we ordered were the Grouper Picatta ($26), Cheese Ravioli Lasagna ($23), and Chicken Scaloppini ($25). Usually I pay close attention to the menu, but this time the two of us were duped. The server asked us what salad we would like with our meal, because they had two choices for side salads. We chose two caesar salads, and a francesca.  The lasagna was nothing special; it was a dish that could have been made at home. The grouper picatta was grand and cooked perfect with a superb sauce (more sauce would have been great), and the chicken scaloppine was good not great with a marsala sauce, garlic basil pasta and a shit ton of mushrooms. They offered several desserts, but the one I was interested in was not made in house and that made me a little upset.

Grouper Picatta

Grouper Picatta

Chicken Scaloppine

Chicken Scaloppine

Cheese Ravioli Lasagna

Cheese Ravioli Lasagna

All in all, the experience was OK. I place Cork and Cow in the middle of the restaurants in its comparable class. Everyone is saying you should have ordered a steak, but I think every item should be divine. There is nothing worse than spending money on food that could have been prepared at home or a country club that would be less expensive. Then again most of the time you pay for the atmosphere.  The Cork and Cow is an ok place to dine. My overall favorite item was the Wagyu Meatball Crostini. On a good note, although I didn’t order dessert, the server gave me a slice to take home.

Overall Rating: 6.6 out of 10
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One thought on “Cork & Cow

  1. You’re not kidding about that “shit ton” of mushrooms. If you felt scammed by the waitron unit, why give them 7.2? Did you feel like this was a lone wolf or does the restaurant teach this deception?

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