Gondola House Pizzeria


A friend told me about Gondola House a few weeks ago. So we headed out to Hermitage to try this family owned establishment. As soon as we walked in, you could smell the aroma from the pizzas baking, and it was very delightful. The building is a very nice size with past and present Gondola house pictures on the walls.  The decor is simple and clean with nice lighting, wood top tables, and comfortable booths. The service was professional and friendly. I love that they had an open kitchen so you could see a lot of what was going on with your food.


My hungry friend was ready to eat, so the server offered us some bread that is not usually available to guest. That was some great service that you usually don’t get around here. Now let us get to the food. They offer the typical family style Italian menu pizza, pastas (large ass portions), salads, desserts, and more. While at Gondola House, I noticed they offer a variety of wine, draft, and bottle beer  by looking over at the bar. We ordered a large cheese pizza with chicken, and some chicken penne pesto pasta. The food was above average and the pizza smelled incredible. The pasta had a nice amount of chicken, and the sauce was not overpowering at all. We were stuffed. The server offered us some desserts, and damn he said it was all homemade. Homemade desserts really impress me due to the fact that almost everyone in town gets their desserts off of the Sysco truck. Those desserts tend to be dreadfully horrible (just like some sandpaper cookies I had at Café Coco). Enough with my rants, I’m just passionate about desserts. They had a few choices, but the ones that stuck out were the strawberry cake and the tiramisu. We had to get the tiramisu and it was delicious, and worth it. With only a bite left, the waiter attempted to take it away; however, I let him know my guest is a human garbage disposal and eats everything including black jelly beans. The dessert was phenomenal and the marinara sauce is killer, but the service stole the show.

Penne Pesto Pasta

Penne Pesto Pasta




Chicken Pizza

This is a great low-key spot with plenty of history. Gondola House reopened years later in the same exact spot as the original. The only thing that was odd was the old man about to fornicate at the bar with his younger lady friend ( not their fault I guess he picked up his Viagra prescription).  Lord knows I don’t like to travel to Hermitage, but If you want a decent meal with great service around Hermitage, you should give this place a chance.

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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One thought on “Gondola House Pizzeria

  1. I’m a bit confused by this review. You had positive things to say all through the description but only gave it an 8 out of 10 and ended with “a decent meal”!

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