Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish


There has been a lot of talk about who has the best hot chicken in Nashville. In the running we have Hattie B’s ( which we have tried and loved it ). There is Prince’s Hot Chicken ( which we have not tried yet, but have high hopes about this place ). And then there is a little place called Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish, located on Franklin Pike in Nashville. Other reviews said good things about this place, but you can’t believe everything you read, which is exactly why we decided to call their bluff. And boy, was it a bluff. This will be a short review due to the lack of… well everything.

For the starters, the menu looked homemade as if it was printed from an empty ink cartridge. So instead of just changing the ink, they just wrote over the menu in pen. Yes, an ink pen. The kind one would use for the office to take notes. This should have been the first sign for me NOT to eat here. “BUT THE ONLINE REVIEWS SAID THEY WERE GREAT”- said nobody. Next was the so-called heat lamp ( MORE LIKE A DESK LAMP) they had to “heat” all their stale side items. Actually, just look at the pictures below. Tell me if that looks nothing but appetizing?

This is a joke right?

This is a joke right?

Really? Shall I just end the review with that? Nooo, I couldn’t leave you with just that. There’s MORE!

Nope, not a joke.

Nope, not a joke.

So I decided to still yet eat here, God only knows why I stayed. Oh wait, but the reviews said Bolton’s was “great”.  I must say I disagree, strongly disagree.  We ordered a catfish sandwich with fires and a side of spaghetti. Then an order of the “jumbo tenders” with potato salad and mac N cheese. The catfish to my surprise was not that bad, but the spaghetti was a bad choice. It tasted like it had been re-cooked over and over. But if looked at the picture above, I should have known better than to have picked that wonderful side item. The jumbo tenders were not jumbo. That would be a false statement on their part. The tenders looked like they had been dropped into a dust pan full of chili powder. It tasted awful.

Not jumbo, just regular size.

Not jumbo, just regular size.

I love hot and spicy food more than the regular human, but I might as well just had taken the top off a cayenne pepper shaker and chugged it all. I couldn’t have told you the difference between the two. Dry as shit and not even that hot.

Bolton's catfish

Bolton’s catfish

So whoever wrote a review about this place, talking about how great the food was, I hope a rattlesnake bites you. We can smell your “spicy” bullshit from here. Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish, say hello to the 86’D List. You are our newest member! Congratulations on being so dreadfully awful.
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Overall Rating : 2.2 out of 10

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