Never in my life had I been so inclined to making love to a cheesecake. This thought ran through my mind as I watched Diddy’s Making the Band. Diddy  sent his ratchet ass band to Brooklyn to grab a slice of cheesecake from a place called Junior’s. I always wanted to go there and in no time found myself enjoying New York City’s greatest cheesecake. During our stay in New York, we chowed down on some fabulous foods and sweets. However; none could trifle with the cheesecake Junior’s offered. Now I’m not going to lie, Carnegie Deli has some pretty damn good cheesecake. People may feel differently and that’s ok, but Junior’s is winning the game in my book. In the heart of the Big Apple, Time Square is the perfect location to enjoy a nice slice of cheesecake.



We walked up to the building and the first thing that caught my eye was the bakery. Inside they sold all of the mouthwatering goodies by the slice or the whole cake. As you walk through the entrance of Junior’s, you are welcomed with the beautiful mural of Ebbet’s Field that use to be in Brooklyn. We were approached by smiling faces at the host stand. Minutes later we were greeted by our sever. We asked him questions about the desserts; due to the fact we were torn between a few (they have over 20 desserts). So we decided on the chocolate swirl cheesecake and the red velvet cheesecake. After my first bite, I dropped my fork and look towards the sky with a smile on my face. The red velvet cheesecake was creamy, moist, huge, and full of flavor. The chocolate swirl cheesecake had the right bit of chocolate to go with deliciousness of the cheesecake, which puts any cheesecake from any other place to shame. Both cheesecakes were mind-blowing and fulfilling. We had devoured our cheesecake in minutes and from the likes of “the cheesecake factory” this shit here from Junior’s is hands down the best. See for yourself on our Amuse Bouche page!!


Junior's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Junior’s cheesecake rating : 9.89

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