Frank Ski’s


My mom and I went down to Atlanta to do some shopping. We often listen to V103 radio station and, heard a lot about radio DJ Frank Ski. Soon to find out, he also owns a restaurant and lounge. It’s right off of Peachtree Street (just like everything else), we had to stop by for lunch. On one side of the building is a really nice outdoor patio area. Surprisingly, when we walked in we were greeted by Frank Ski himself. The restaurant/ lounge has a very nice color scheme, dimmed lighting white linen covering the tables, and  against the wall were sofas with TV are mounted above them. The bar area also looks very well put together, and comfortable.

The menu has a southern influence with a mix of salads, seafood, sandwiches, and more. I ordered the fish sandwich with a side of mac and cheese (wanted more), and sweet potato tater tots (sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, they were banging). The fish was perfectly fried with a nicely toasted bun slathered with remoulade sauce. My mom had the chicken sandwich and it had to be delicious, because she ate the whole thing. My mom is very picky when it comes to food, and she said the chicken was seasoned well and cooked just the way she likes it. The desserts looked good, but we were too stuffed to try; however, I noticed they had Camicakes red velvet cupcakes which I have had before from the store. They are good (she also has a good sweet potato cupcake). Frank Ski’s also has caramel cake, I am skeptical about eating anybody’s caramel cake because everyone loves my mom’s caramel cake (nothing but the truth). The wine list is nice and extensive, but once I saw that $1100 bottle of champagne, I turned that menu over like a bad spades hand.

The only negative item about this place may be the time it takes for food to hit your table. This is a nice grown and sexy addition to the area with a great setting, and average food. The prices are good, but we all know you just don’t pay for food you also pay for atmosphere. I have driven by at night, and people were dressed to the9’s. Frank Ski’s is a place you can do some celebrity watching, grab a meal, and socialize. They also have various shows and events as well. I will revisit Frank Ski’s next time I’m in Atlanta.

Overall Rating: 6.8 out of 10

Frank Ski's Restaurant & Lounge on Urbanspoon

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