Wafels & Dinges


While walking around New York City, I stumbled upon a big yellow food truck. The closer I got to this big yellow food truck, the more I noticed I have seen this big yellow food truck somewhere before. Then it hit me! It was the Wafels and Dinges truck from Throw Down with Bobby Flay. I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to order one of my all-time favorite foods, the Belgian Waffle.  Not knowing what to expect, the two gentlemen inside the truck were extremely funny and helpful. Not to mention their Dutch accent added that home away from home vibe I’d been missing. I chose the mini waffle with mascarpone cheese and nutella ($3). Well I be damned, that was the best waffle I have ever consumed and I mean ever put in my mouth hands down.  I popped a waffle, I’m sweatin WOOO! Powder sugar all over my face, powder sugar all down my shirt, powder sugar everywhere and I loved it.2013-01-29_11-15-34_674 That made me want another, so I waited for my business associate to get out of his meeting that morning then we made our way back over to Park Avenue. When we arrived back at the big yellow truck, I was impressed to notice he remembered my name. This time we both ordered the mini waffle with mascarpone and spekuloos, he said and I quote, “It was like a unicorn tear drop with the taste of a gingerbread cookie”. SOLD! Wafels and Dinges offer plenty of toppings such as strawberries, dulce de leche, walnuts, and more. They even have savory waffles like the bbq pulled pork waffle or de bacon and syrup wafel.  For the chocolate waffle lover you can get it dipped and covered with chocolate. I can’t express how good these waffles are, words will not do them justice. Follow them on Facebook and or Twitter, and you can learn about specials or the daily challenge to earn a free dinge on your waffle. My challenge is to get back to New York City as fast as possible for this waffle. Seriously, it’s like they got the recipe from the good book itself.


Overall Rating: 9.9 out of 10 Food Truck Realness
(check out the video in the Amuse Bouche section)
Wafels & Dinges on Urbanspoon

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