Cafe Intermezzo

cafe int

When I am in Atlanta, I always stop by one of my favorite places Café Intermezzo. The first time I was lucky enough to try this place was when my friend John and his fiancé invited me for a late night drink and dessert (I have been hooked since). This European style coffee house has everything you would want in a café. The décor is amazing with hard wood floors and brick lined walls. The ambiance is sexy with dimmed lights, burning candles, and a variety of international music playing in the background. They also have a nice bar set up as well as an overwhelming dessert case and coffee station.

You have to look at the beverage book (yes a book) it has close to 50 pages in it filled with teas, coffees, champagne, liquor, wine, non- alcoholic beverages, chocolate drinks, and more. The food menu is great, I love the crepes, french toast, and sandwiches. They also serve entrees, a lot of breakfast items, and salads; however, the desserts, and coffee beverages steal the show. They have a case with various cakes, pies, cheesecakes, and tortes. They also ship their tiramisu from Italy that’s what I was told by one of the staff members (it was way too strong for me). The coffee bar is very impressive with very helpful baristas, you can tell they take pride in every beverage they make.

Friends and family that have joined me at Café Intermezzo loved it. From the food to the atmosphere everything is good.  For a late night drink, dessert, or the ending of a date this is the place. For the many times I have been there, I have only experienced one bad dessert that did not taste fresh.  The service can be very slow at times, but the servers are always gracious and informative. The parking is the one thing I really hate about this place, not enough space, and being from out of town giving money to a man who tells me to park on the side of the building is shady. You will forget about all of that as soon as you go inside and smell the beverages coming from the coffee bar. Oh how I wish there was one in Nashville.

Overall Rating: 9.6 out of 10

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