Off the Bone BBQ

Being from the south, we are surrounded by fantastic BBQ, giving us high expectations. A friend mentioned a place called Off the Bone BBQ, near Rosa Parks Boulevard and Monroe. When I go to a BBQ joint, I love the scent of the wood smoked BBQ filling the air, the friendly home atmosphere, and the assortment of different BBQ sauces that will make your taste buds dance (Literally and figuratively). When we pulled in the parking lot of Off the Bone I should have instantly known that this place was going to destroy any hopes I had about eating and enjoying such delicious barbeque. Cheap signs written in permanent marker were written all over the place, BUT given that most “hole-in the-wall” places are usually spot on I ignored the warning signs. All I could think about was the delicious BBQ I was about to partake in. The line was moving very slowly. There was only one person working the line and one on the register. While standing patiently in line, we notice the dirty windows. Wait, I think dirty might be an understatement. Just imagine someone took mud, water, grease and smeared the windows and left it to dry. However, I still don’t think that example justifies how bad the windows looked, but given that it’s a BBQ joint, I was not expecting anything classy, but damn wash those windows.

When we finally got to order and I chose the Mr. Dolla Beef Shoulder Sandwich with mac and cheese, plus a side of slaw. Ashlea ordered wings and G also ordered the Mr. Dolla Beef Sandwich with mac and cheese along with fried okra. We got a table and a free tan from the sun shining through those “greasy” looking windows. You’ll never guess what happen next! Drum roll please! They were out of BBQ beef and mac and cheese. WHAT!? Are you serious right now?! Who the hell runs out of beef BBQ before noon?! So then I ordered the catfish, slaw, and turnip greens. G got the Mr. Dolla Pork Shoulder Sandwich with fried okra, with a side of extra okra because they sorry asses ran out of what I wanted. They did not adjust any of the prices of the new order, which didn’t make a major difference in price, but come on…..who doesn’t love to pay for something that you didn’t get to eat. Ashlea’s wings smelled and looked hot, but “BAM” they were only room temperature. I love hot sauce with my catfish, but guess what; they ran out of that too. Let me repeat that, THEY RAN OUT OF DAMN HOT SAUCE!!!!! The catfish was soggy, and the turnip greens had no flavor at all plus the slaw looked and tasted like mayo based shredded paper. G’s pork sandwich was not hot and had little to no flavor as well. Who am I kidding!? I mean is anyone shocked by this?????

Catfish Plate

Catfish Plate

To my surprise the fish and chicken were not cooked to order, it was pre-cooked and placed in a steam table with lids to keep them warm. I was soooo disappointed that I could not smell or see anything cooking, not even a glimpse of grill smoke out back. I know, because I peeped around the corner. The prices would be reasonable if the food was good, (hahaha), but there was more action in the funeral home located behind this tragic restaurant. I witnessed several employees in the back, but I do not have a clue as to what they were doing. I know they weren’t cooking or helping expedite food. Off the Bone has a lot of items listed on the menu, but more than likely they will not have it in stock. It is good for people to open a business, but please have some kind of idea on how to run it. This rented out DMV lookin’ BBQ place was absolutely terrible in my book. The barbeque in prison probably taste 100 times better. Off the Bone needs to be cleared Off the Map, so that way you never have the chance to accidently stumble upon this horrific establishment of food.

It’s bad when the topic of discussion at the table is where you’re going to eat after going here, so you can recover what taste buds you have left.

For a BBQ joint and overall restaurant this place gets

1.3 out of 10 (hello 86’d List)

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