Those potatoes will blow your mind.

The Garden Brunch Cafe

When was the last time you ate brunch?  That was a rhetorical question… For us, it had been a very long time and we wanted a place to refresh our taste buds. So, we hit up The Garden Brunch Cafe on the north side of Nashville.

First off, if you are taking Jefferson Street to get to this place you have to drive through the Popeye’s parking lot to find their parking lot. It was a little tricky for first timers like us, because we didn’t know that the parking lot was behind the house. Just a heads up. I was expecting a warm home welcome as we walked in, giving that this cafe was once a house, but to my surprise, no one was insight. This left us confused whether or not we were to seat ourselves or wait for someone to seat us. After waiting around for five or so minutes someone from the back noticed us and proceeded to take us to our seats. Soulful music played through the restaurant giving it a nice “homie” feel. However, we couldn’t figure out what they were doing with the rest of the cafe. The decorations were random, as if they had been to 18 different yard sales and purchased stuff.

Once we were seated the server came over with menus and took our drink orders. We could tell he was not a well-seasoned server by the way he used his time moving from table to table. It seemed as if he created more work for himself which caused guest’s to have to wait even longer. All the of staff were extremely nice, but they really needed better service.

The menu was very nice and simple which had various pancakes and omelets plus other fabulous sounding dishes.  I was happy to see they offered turkey sausage, turkey ham, and turkey bacon. We both ordered omelets, one Fiesta omelet with grits and a Meat Lovers omelet with roasted potatoes. When the food arrived the Fiesta omelet came with potatoes instead of grits (but that was a blessing) and the Meat Lovers came out smelling great. They both had wheat toast and fruit for garnish.

Those potatoes will blow your mind.

Even though both plates looked very similar we were focused on those oh so sweet delicious potatoes. The potatoes were on point! No bull-ish, those were the best roasted taters I have had in a long time.  The omelets were good; they just needed a little more salt and pepper.

The Garden Brunch Cafe is only open Friday – Sunday (9am-2pm). For this place only being open three days, I would expect the omelets to have tasted a little bit better, especially for the price. The omelets were price anywhere from $10-13 dollars. I would have probably paid around $8 dollars.

All in all, I would say The Garden Brunch Cafe was average. It wasn’t a bad place, but on the other hand it wasn’t great. Except for their potatoes, those were great. The Garden Brunch Cafe has potential, it just isn’t there yet.

Overall Rating: 6.2 out of 10

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