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Sunset Grill


For this place to have been open for 22 years, I really can’t see why or how it stayed open for that amount of time. I’m just confused here. Where do we start? When we first walked through the door the artwork caught my eye. It looked like the local elementary school donated their leftover artwork for them to hang on their walls. Spilt kool-aid on a canvas would have looked better. They tied too hard to make the atmosphere “fancy” looking. Sunset Grill is in a busy spot, which makes it great for lunch, right? Eh we would like to disagree. Sunset Grill is very dark inside, even during the day. The bar area looks like Dracula’s cellar and is very out dated. They also have two large private party rooms in the back, but watch your step on the way back there, because the carpet is very deceiving. (Damn those hidden dips) Trust us, we know from experience.

We were greeted by the host, who was very nice and sweet.  As soon as we were seated we were greeted by our sever immediately. He answered all of our questions and picked out his favorite items on the menu OR should I say menus. Meaning we had four of them. A drink menu, a boot-camp menu (for the health nuts), a specials menu and our regular menu. Needless to say we had options. The one thing I did like about the drink menu was that they paired current wines and drinks with what would go best with that current meal. Very helpful for people who aren’t sure about wine pairings ( like myself ).

We first  ordered the Angus Beef Meatloaf that came with mashed potatoes, long ass green beans,  and portabella mushroom gravy.


The presentation of this meal just looked plain awful. The meatloaf was great in proportion, BUT it looked like marinated cow brains over mashed potatoes . The meatloaf was moist, however, it was lacking that “moms homemade cooking” feel. The green beans tasted like they came straight out of a can found hidden in a underground bunker from the Y2K scare. The gravy sauce could have been grease, there’s no way of really knowing. The price for the portion of meatloaf was on par.

The second item that was ordered was the Voodoo Pasta.


The Voodoo Pasta contains chicken, shrimp and sausage. Covered with egg noodles and a spicy black magic sauce. The sever warned me it was spicy, so of course I had to order this item. It was not spicy in the least. The heat must have been left on the stove, cause it was not on my dish. The sausage and chicken were tasty, but the shrimp could have been better. After about 4 or 5 bites, my meal tasted very monotonous. The sauce was not hitting on all cylinders. This made the meal very bland. I’ve had better, yet it was not the worst.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, we ordered dessert!


Now, Sunset Grill has a wide variety for your sweet tooth. We ordered the small Trio of Desserts  for $12.99. This is a great deal. We picked the

- STRAWBERRY CREAM CAKE = Very moist, but the icing tasted out of date. Over all the best out of the three.

- CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CAKE = Dry chocolate cake with a powerful, overwhelming peanut butter icing. It was gritty, image eating peanut butter sandpaper.  Very gritty.

-BUTTERSCOTCH-HABANERO BREAD PUDDING = And this shit here….. They must have re-cooked this bread pudding at least 1,000 times. Hard crust and mostly dry. More like a butterscotch flavored sponge. The worst out of the three. It’s funny, because the sever told us it was the most popular. Riiiiight. I guess those who repeatedly order this item, do not have taste buds or commonsense.

Over all we were very disappointed with the Sunset Grill. We heard great things about this place, but did not experience such things. The service was great! The food was over priced for the value of the dish, and the desserts  were a little disappointing.

The sun should have set on this grill a long time ago. 

Overall Rating : 5.8 out of 10.

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2 thoughts on “Sunset Grill

  1. Oh man sunset, this place is horrible. I went there with some out of town guests wanting to give them a good Nashville restaurant experience. I had never eaten there, I had only heard the hype about how good it was. It wasn’t good. We got the nachos first, the MOST HORRIBLE nachos I have ever eaten! It was like they just poured hot cream cheese over stale chips then melted some cheap cheddar on top of that. Nothing resembling a nacho. But for the worst part, dessert. I ordered the chocolate coconut “sushi” rolls. I thought, this is interesting because I had never seen such on a menu before ( I’m a chef and I look at menus of places near everyday). I should have known better when the server looked at me like I was crazy when I ordered it. I expected six or seven bite sized “sushi” rolls. I got four huge, I mean huge rolls, like four inches across huge, wrapped in a chocolate ganache type deal, with one measly little almond in the middle. These things were all coconut, all coconut. I like coconut but an almond joy was more chef created than these stupid things. No sauce or anything. It could have been a good dish but it just seemed really halfway done, like they just said screw it, we’re sunset people will eat it. Wrong! It was horrible. Then my guest, he’s an ice cream fanatic, so he wanted the homemade ice cream of the day. We ordered the flavor told to us by the server, the server came back and said they were out of that flavor, so we ordered the other flavor she said they had, guess what, she came back again to tell us they were out of that flavor. Bad communication or bad leadership in the kitchen, I’m not sure. So if I were you, I would just go to a meat and three for meatloaf and Baskin Robbins for dessert. You will have a much better experience for sure.

  2. You know, I’ve read both of these reviews, and as a foody/chef/restaurant manager… I’ve got to tell you, while I agree that some of the food items need help in presentation and/or may still be stuck in the 90’s… overall, this place is pretty solid. I have been there many times in the past decade, and I have always had amazing service (the first thing I notice when I enter any establishment). The wine list and alcohol lists ARE extensive, but hell, nobody is complaining about the book you get at any chain restaurant (for fuck’s sake, Cheesecake Factory hands you a novel). Personally, I’m literate… so I don’t really care when I am handed paperwork showcasing cuisine. Recently, I went their menu had changed—as it does seasonally, I’m assuming– and I ordered the salmon. It was served with lemon polenta, tomato jam, tarragon oil, and fried chick peas. Now, while I thought the chick peas to be an unnecessary addition to the menu, my salmon was perfect and the polenta was perfectly seasoned and really complimented the sweet tomato jam (tarragon oil… just an added plus). Further, I got the habanero bread pudding as well. Let me just let people know that the first reviewer is just plain dead fucking wrong. My bread pudding was amazing. And trust me, I have a good palate as I have worked in 4-diamond hotels as a chef for a long time (including the Greenbrier in White Sulfur Springs, West VA). Now as far as the artwork and decor, yes, it needs some updating, but damn, that is entire Paul Harmon collection sitting on the walls. This dude used to rival Red Grooms back in the day. I find it pretty cool to be honest… but I am also a trained fine-artist/painter and I can see why some people wouldn’t like it. It really matters very little considering the only canvas I care to look at is the plate. Mine was executed well. Further, I really pay attention to consistency and consistency of motif more than anything. This place claims to be an upscale-casual place. If anything, its service is upscale, its dishes are on par, and the price is casual. This place balances itself well. That, my friend, is why you guys are incorrect, and it has been open for 22 years.

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