The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden.

WHAT’S UP EAST NASTY? ( aka – East Nashville ) Image

A few weeks ago my home-girl and I went to  The Pharmacy Burger after we heard all the great things about it. The place was packed balls to the wall.  So we sat down in these backless, hard ass bar stools with water from the air conditioner dripping near my friend    ( I guess it’s a new trend to bring out the real urban environment of East Nashville).

The Pharmacy Burger has a trendy vibe and a cool bar area with many unique beers. More on that later. The menu has a wide variety of food, beer, shakes, sodas, and malts, which is great for people who love options. We both ordered the “Pharmacy Burger” with fries and tots. The fries and tots were straight, but the burgers weren’t hitting on shit. The buns were not soft,  but hard. The burgers did not have any flavor (they must have ran out of salt and pepper that day). I’ve had a better burger at Five Guys and Browns Diner. However, I have faith that the Pharmacy can prescribe  me the good food I desire.

I also ordered a vanilla milkshake and to my surprise it was awful. Yes, that shake tasted like skim milk mixed with sugar free ice cream with a sprinkle of goat spit. The server was really nice and took great care of us ,even though he was super busy, it’s good to know that they have a staff that actually gives a shit about you.

I talked to a server at Holland House, which is the sister company of The Pharmacy Burger. He said that “Nobody here likes the food over at the Pharmacy”.  Maybe it was a bad day over there, so we will give it another try. Chef Timmy gave some wise words….”Ya”ll  will need a pharmacy to get a prescription for ya”ll’s fucked up food.”

Ok, ok, I get it. Enough with the buns, wait! I mean puns…..ok seriously though I’m done.

4 out of 10

Mr. Eighty Sixed


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